10 Amazing Benefits of Dancing With Your Partner

10 Amazing Benefits of Dancing With Your Partner

Dancing with your loved one is more than just moving to music; it’s diving into emotions and creating deep connections.

Learn all that dance can do for you and your partner! 

Spend More Time Together

Long-term relationships, particularly when kids are involved, can seem to just come down to daily chores and endless problems. Do you ever do anything fun and romantic anymore? 

Take time out to go dancing, spend time together away from the home and family issues and focus on a new hobby. Removing yourself from your usual environment with a new distraction – you just won’t have time to think about anything else!

Improved Communication

Dancing together requires a lot of coordination and the only way to coordinate is to communicate! 

Relationships that have gone a little stale will benefit from a new focus that requires cooperation and tolerance, which will spill over into your domestic life.

Dancing can provide a fresh stimulus for interacting with one another and let you see things in a different light.

Health and Exercise

Shape up and get fit together. Shared ambition is much more likely to happen, and you can have great fun along the way.

Dance will put a spring in your step. Many people avoid the gym either because it is too daunting or just pretty dull. Even at a low level, Dance easily covers the recommended weekly exercise quota.

Dance classes offer calorie-burning, cardio-vascular mutual exercise with your partner and the opportunity to learn a new skill, all at the same time.

Relight the Spark in Your Relationship

If physical contact has dwindled and become rather perfunctory, then rekindle the spice in your life with the close connection of dancing.

It doesn’t have to be Latin, although there is nothing quite like an intimate Rumba or Paso, as the relationships Strictly Come Dancing will testify! Even ballroom dancing will have you both up close and personal. It might have been a while.

Dancing is about close or even intimate contact and focuses on emotions and storytelling. Play characters in your imagination and elevate your partnership to a whole new level.

Dancing together can re-visit that honeymoon phase when everything was new!

De-stress Together

Modern life is stressful, no doubt about it. Music and dance are an excellent antidote to 21st century 24/7 living, even better if you can share the experience. 

It’s a fact that exercise improves mental health, but dance offers so much more than a solitary workout at the gym amongst people you don’t even know.

Learning to dance with your partner will have its comedic moments, and there can be nothing better to help you relax and let go than fluffing your steps! Re-discover a shared sense of humour and learn to laugh together again.

Socialise With Your Partner

If you both have your own sets of friends, it can sometimes be a case of never the twain shall meet.

Dance sessions are an opportunity for you to socialise with other couples interested in dancing as well.

Make New Mutual Friends

Dancing is a great way to meet new people with your shared hobby. It can be refreshing to meet other couples and increase your social circle.

You never know who else is trying out dance for the first time. Find the other newbies, and you’ll have a perfect conversation starter.

Get Competitive!

If you are keen to learn and develop, dancing offers plenty of competition opportunities for ambitious couples.

There are not many sports or pursuits you can enjoy as your unique team. Dancing is a fantastic opportunity to work together and build big achievements.

See Your Partner in A Whole New Light

As any keen aficionado of Strictly Come Dancing will know, people can surprise you, and your partner might just be one of them. 

Newbies to the dance floor always have a trick or two up their sleeve. Think you know which dance will suit your partner best, or they will excel at? Prepare to be surprised.

You can discover hidden depths and talent in both yourself and your partner and enjoy a voyage of positive discovery.

Travel Opportunities

Dance your way around the world! Holiday together in places where you can perfect your dance technique, like Cuba, or just enjoy dancing the night away in glamorous European locations.

For competitive couples, dance events can take you all over the world – dance is truly an international language.


Discovering the joy of dance is twice as nice if you can share it. Dance can be a unique and inspirational experience for many couples, bringing mental, physical, psychological and emotional benefits. 

Whatever your level or preferred dance, Supadance will have a pair of shoes for you and your partner.