9 Best Latin Dance Shoes for Beginners in 2023

9 Best Latin Dance Shoes for Beginners in 2023

Whether you’re picking up dance as a hobby for the first time or simply looking to replace your current dance shoes, the proper footwear is integral to a successful performance. 

In Latin dance, the right pair is even more vital since the different styles require fast, tight movements.

This guide will take you through nine of our top recommendations for Latin dance shoes for beginners and what to look for when purchasing your pair. Let's get into it!

Top 5 Latin Dance Shoes for Her

The best Latin dance shoes for women will significantly vary in heel height, material, and design. Every element of the shoe can impact your performance. Here are the best Latin dance shoes for her:

1. Style 1403

This open-toed dance shoe is perfect for precision and control with all the flair that Latin dance requires. Various heel options give you control over how you prefer to dance, with heights between 2" and 2.5".

The crossover strappy vamp detailing adds a stylish flair, and the shoe is available in flesh, black or dark tan satin but can be made to order in various colours to match any outfit. The long strap is adjustable and can go under the foot's arch or around the ankle to achieve the perfect fit, making this style both fashionable and comfortable. 

  • Colours: Black, Dark Tan, flesh 
  • Heel Heights: 2.5" Flare(7cm), 2 Flare (5cm)
  • Fitting Options: Wide, Regular, Narrow

2. Style 1066

Like our best-selling 1403, this model has a strappy vamp and long adjustable strap that can go either under the foot's arch or around the ankle. The knotted vamp is slightly more flexible than the stitched vamp of Style 1403 and is perfect for dancers who want a little more room and flexibility in this area. This style is stocked in dark tan and black satin but can be made to order in various colours, white, red and our special shimmer fabrics.

  • Colours: dark tan satin, black satin, red satin, white satin, dark tan gold shimmer, black satin silver shimmer.
  • Heel Heights: 2.5" Flare(7cm), 2 Flare (5cm), 3” Flare (8cm), 3.5” Flare (9cm).
  • Fitting Options: Regular, Wide

3. Style 1143

It’s available in six different colours, including a wide range of neon shades to match whichever dress you need for the competition. 

The charming detail attached to the diamante hook buckle takes the visual appeal of this shoe to a new, glamorous level. These shoes are for Latin dancers gearing up for a high-performance competition, and they deliver.

  • Colours: Dark tan satin, dark tan coag, dark tan vegan, dark tan shimmer, neon yellow, lilac, neon pink, neon green, neon orange, Santorini blue 
  • Heel Heights: 3" Stiletto (8cm), 2.5" SD (7cm), 3" SD (8cm), 2.5" Stiletto (7cm)

Fitting Options: Wide, Extra Wide, Extra Narrow, Regular, Narrow

4. Style 1178

For something with a little more style and flash, we have our braided vamp Style 1178. This style is made on our Stiletto Heel Last which is part of our high-performance range. The styles made on these 'lasts' are a slimmer fit and higher arch when compared to some of our other styles. The sole length is modified to end with the tip of the toes, favoured by competitive dancers (i.e. the length is shorter than 1403). This style comes with our perfectly balanced new Stiletto and SD heels, available in 2½" and 3" heel heights.

Additionally, the two-way fastening strap will keep you feeling secure even during the fastest-paced Latin dance routines. This style can be made in various neon colours, dark tan satin, dark tan coag, and dark tan shimmer.

  • Colours: Neon green, lilac, pink, yellow, orange, green, Santorini blue, dark tan satin, dark tan coag, and dark tan shimmer.
  • Heel Heights: 2.5” SD (7cm), 3” SD (8cm), 2.5” Stiletto (7cm), 3” Stiletto (8cm)
  • Fitting Options: Regular, Wide

5. Style 1177

This style comes in our Dark Tan Sateen Leather designed to blend beautifully with tanned skin. These heels make a statement, so they’re perfect for competitive performances. They catch the eye whilst remaining secure and comfortable, with an open-toe design for maximum breathability. 

  • Colours: Dark Tan Sateen Leather
  • Heel Heights: 2.5" SD (7cm), 3" SD(8cm)
  • Fitting Options: Narrow, Regular, Wide

Top 4 Latin Dance Shoes for Him

Men's Latin dance shoes are slightly different from the colourful heels often recommended to women. Though they also possess a heel, they’re often black and sleek in appearance, designed to fit your foot perfectly whilst you execute precise moves and lead the way across the floor. These are our top four recommendations in Latin dance shoes for him. 

1. Style 8500 / 8503

Last on our list, we have something for the aspiring Latin dancer. Designed by professional Michael Malitowski, this style can be made to order to ensure perfect fitting and comfort. 

The 8500s have a split sole and a 1½" Latin cushioned heel, providing all the support a dancer needs to build their confidence out on the floor. They’re available in sizes 6 - 12 including half sizes. With room for customisation, we're sure you will find what you're looking for within our range. 

  • Colours: Black leather, black nubuck, black suede and black patent (8503)
  • Heel Heights: 1½"
  • Fitting Options: Regular

2. Style 8505

To maximise your comfort, we offer this combination style shoe featuring two materials of your choice. This shoe is both flexible and stylish. 

The Extra Soft material enables hours of practice, and a split sole provides maximum flexibility. The cushioned heel will also help you to feel like you're dancing on air throughout any performance. 

These shoes are ideal for practice, but nothing stops you from using them in competition either, especially with the black patent/white leather colouration. 

  • Colours: Black leather/nubuck, black patent/nubuck, black patent/leather, black patent/white leather
  • Heel Heights: 1½" Latin Cushioned
  • Fitting Options: Regular

3. Style 8200

Men's Supa-Light Latin shoes with perforated arch and a split sole. They’re generous fitting with a sleek black patent or leather design. 

The perforated arch keeps them breathable throughout even the most rigorous performances. Meanwhile, the 1½ cushioned heel gives you the comfort and precision you need to execute. The 8300 style is perfect for the Latin dancer striving toward perfection 

  • Colours: Black patent, black leather 
  • Heel Heights: Latin 1½"
  • Fitting Options: Regular

4. Style 8555

Last on our list,this style combines Leather and Mesh. The instep ventilator will keep shoes flexible and feet cool.

The 8500s have a split sole and a 1½" Latin cushioned heel, for maximum flexibility. They’re available in sizes 6-12 including half sizes. 

Colours: Black leather, black patent, 

  • Heel Heights: 1½" Latin Cushioned
  • Fitting Options: Regular

What Should You Look for When Picking Latin Dancing Shoes?

Knowing what to look for in a Latin dance shoe can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it. There is plenty of choice out there, which is both a blessing and a curse rolled up into one.

Listed below are some key factors we believe require special attention before you decide to make a purchase. You'll be ready to buy your first pair by the end!

The Right Fit

We can't stress enough how vital your shoe fit is when dancing. You won't enjoy the repetitive practice if you aren't comfortable. You could eveninjure yourself, especially if the shoes cause your foot to slip and move around. 

An ill-fitting shoe will also affect your performance, especially in Latin dance, when speed and precision are fundamental. Wherever possible, try on your dance shoes before even considering purchasing them. 

The Dance Style

Different shoes are designed specifically for different dances. Latin dance shoes may vary in design and quality, but they all share similar characteristics. 

A heel and a pointed design are commonplace, as this shape lends itself well to swift consecutive movements. If you buy a dance shoe not created with Latin dance styles in mind, you will find that it will negatively impact your performance. 

Make sure you're purchasing Latin dance shoes before making any kind of commitment. 

The Appropriate Heel

Whilst most Latin dance shoes feature a heel, they’re all in varying shapes and sizes. From flared to stiletto and from 1" upward to 3" and higher, Latin heels possess a lot of variation. 

The heel height and style change how they feel and how you perform. Consider what kind of Latin dance you want to do predominantly, and then assess which heel would be most appropriate. 

For beginners, shorter flared heels are often best as they’re easier to move in when learning complex dance moves. 

The Materials

Most Latin shoes will be made from breathable, durable material. The most common include satin, coag, leather, and nubuck. 

Before you purchase your first pair of Latin shoes, make sure they’re made from high-quality materials. Dance shoes need to be highly durable because you'll likely wear them for hours at a time during practice and competition. 

We advise owning more than one pair of dance shoes, so you can care for them and switch them up without overusing a single pair.

The Price Tag

Last, on our list of considerations, think of your budget! There is no reason to pay way over the odds for multiple, high-quality pairs if you only intend to dance recreationally. 

On the other hand, you shouldn't go for the cheapest pair around just to save some cash. Dance shoes require an investment in quality. Otherwise, you will have to keep paying out to replace them every few months. 

Try to stay within your budget, but remember, a good pair of shoes that will last is a much better economic investment than a cheap pair that may not even last the month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Do You Wear to a Latin Dance Class?

The appropriate shoe for dance class can vary based on the level of the class. If it's intended for beginners, you can ordinarily get away with any pair of comfortable shoes that fit well and have smooth or leather soles. For higher-level classes, the instructor will likely expect that you wear Latin dance shoes suitable for performance. 

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Latin Dance Shoes?

The replacement period largely depends on how well you take care of them and how much time you spend wearing them, in addition to the quality of the shoes. A rough estimate is between five months to a year, but this can vary significantly. 

Ultimately, if you invest in a quality pair of dance shoes and take care of them (storing them properly, only wearing them while dancing, etc.), you will get far more out of them.

Where to Buy Latin Dance Shoes

Here at Supadance, we have an extensive selection of Latin dance shoes available in various styles and materials. We’re confident you will find what you're looking for within our range, and if you ever feel a little stuck, just refer back to this guide! You'll be owning the dance floor in no time.