Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Style 6890 - Black Stingray Style 6890 - Black Stingray
Style 6405 - Black Patent/Black Stingray Style 6405 - Black Patent/Black Stingray

When it comes to ballroom dance shoes, comfort is everything. You need to find the perfect fit to ensure you can glide across the dance floor with minimal difficulty and friction. At Supadance, we craft every pair with that intention in mind. There are several customisable options before you get to the checkout, ranging from shoe size to width and heel dimensions. See for yourself by browsing our complete collection below!

Our range of ballroom shoes caters to both men and women in various styles. Our men's shoes are available in leather and suede, including a hybrid variety with mesh that allows heightened breathability. They are also incredibly flexible, perfect for both practice and teaching. The low-heel design makes travelling across the ballroom easy, with specially cushioned soles to provide minimal impact.

We have a wide variety of satin heels in our women's range with a V-shaped front. You choose the specific fitting, ranging from extra wide to narrow, and you can also alter the shape and height of the heel to suit your specific style. Our satin shoes are finished to the highest quality, giving you the perfect sheen every time. Our colour selection includes white, black, gold, and a variety of nude shades to suit all dancers.

Shop our selection today for the best ballroom dance shoes, here at Supadance.