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Style 1007 - Pink Iris Style 1007 - Pink Iris

For the girl who already sees her future as a star shining on the ballroom floor or the stage, there is Supadance.

We craft our dance shoes with care, designing them with input from professional dancers and teachers with years of experience. Our shoes are ready for intensive wear, made for the girl who clamours to spend her time jumping, twirling, and dancing her heart out.

Supadance has entry-level options for girls slipping into their first pair of satin heels as well as more advanced options for committed future stars.

We manufacture all our shoes here in the UK, with every product vetted before receiving our seal of approval. Our company fashions shoes made explicitly for the specifications of dancers, and that’s the Supadance difference. You’ll never wear anything that isn’t dance-ready.

Once you try Supadance shoes, you’ll never want to wear anything else.

The Supadance story begins in the early 1960s when founder Mick Free consulted professional dancers like Bill and Bobbie Irvine on whether they wore dance shoes designed and built for competitions and lessons. The answer was no — and Supadance was born.

Our family business has proudly made the world’s best dance shoes ever since.