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Style 7500 Boys - Black LeatherStyle 7500 Boys - Black Leather
Style 7500 Boys - Black PatentStyle 7500 Boys - Black Patent

Encouraging children to pursue their passion for dancing is a great thing, but if they want to improve, they will need the right equipment — and that starts with the right club dance shoes. Our children's dance shoes are comfortable and professional enough to help them reach their highest potential, whether they are dancing purely for fun or have their eyes on professional development. No matter where your children go with dancing, the right shoes can make an enormous difference.

We provide the perfect beginner range for your children to get the most out of dancing. Our girl's range features three block heels in different styles, including coag and satin. They are all open-toe to maximise comfort, which is essential when dancers start practising. We emphasise balancing enjoyment with functionality, especially when it comes to new dancers.

Our boy's range includes a black patent and black leather shoe. Both are classic laced styles with a small black heel. The only difference is the finish, with the patent providing a distinctive sheen and the leather offering a more subtle, matte look. They are the perfect start for young dance enthusiasts, available in a variety of sizes to offer the perfect fit. Nothing can dissuade a child (or anyone!) from dancing like discomfort, so we put extra effort into ensuring your child can wear them for extended periods with no complaint.

Give your child a leg up in the dance world with the best children’s club dance shoes at Supadance!