Women's Crystal Collection Dance Shoes

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Style 1082 Dark Tan Style 1082 - Dark Tan Satin
Style 1541 - Dark Tan Satin
Style 1544 Dark Tan Satin

The Crystal Collection from Supadance highlights every single jewel-encrusted, bedazzled shoe we offer!

These are our most elegant and beautiful options. But don't let their delicate nature fool you, these shoes are meant to be danced in, not just eyed from afar.

Collaborating with professional dancers and experienced teachers, we have created a beautiful shoe that doesn't sacrifice practicality. We test and retest everything we produce until it suits our high-quality standard.

What makes our shoes the best in the whole dance industry? The passion of UK craftspeople of course! For over 50 years we've only trusted local artisans to fashion our products.

If you're ready to feel like a princess, it's time to pick up a shoe from the Crystal Collection. Find striking red satin, glowing pink, sleek black, and bright white — all with subtle yet dazzling adornments.

Get your pair of Crystal Supadances today and dance like you're at a royal ballroom!