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Style 3122 Black Nubuck
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We’ve designed our full range of line-dancing shoes with comfort and wearability in mind, without sacrificing style. Line-dancing gear should always prioritise comfort above all else since it is so often performed purely for enjoyment. You need a pair of trusty shoes that can keep up with you and won't cause any discomfort. That's precisely what you’ll find in our collection.

Our entire range follows the same shape with the classic block heel and lace-up design. The real individuality comes around via the style and material used in the design. Nubuck, leather, patent, and even denim are available in our collection. For heightened comfort, perforated varieties are available that can help regulate temperature and keep you dancing for longer.

The vast majority of our range is coloured in traditional black, with the option of a pale beige if you prefer. We also provide options for those looking to stand out a little more. Our blue denim shoes are eye-catching on the dance floor, and our Style 3122 Star Hologram will light up any room and showcase your star qualities. Whether understated or expressive is your preference, we have something for you in our range.

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