Children's Sliders

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Style 7088 Gold Glitter SlidesStyle 7088 Gold Glitter Slides
Style 7088 Silver Glitter SlidesStyle 7088 Silver Glitter Slides
Style 7089 Black Glitter SlidesStyle 7089 Black Glitter Slides
Style 7088 Black Glitter SlidesStyle 7088 Black Glitter Slides

After a big competition or hours of practice in the studio, all you want is for your child to give their feet a good rest. Children’s slides from Supadance are designed just for this.

The scalloped insoles and comfortable material mean every step is like walking on a cloud. No more lacing up or tightening tongues — just slip them on and go.

But they don’t just feel great — they are showstoppers of style too! The slides come in black, silver, or gold. With each shoe brightly decked out in glitter, these slides let everyone know just who the star is. Our beautiful ‘Supadance’ logo emblazoned on the shoes adds the perfect finishing touch.

These slides aren’t just for post-dance recovery. Not at all — they’re perfect for any time! Your child can bring them to the pool, hang out on High Street, or just lounge at home. Get quality craftsmanship from Supadance today!

The Supadance story begins in the early 1960s when founder Mick Free consulted professional dancers like Bill and Bobbie Irvine on whether they wore dance shoes designed and built for competitions and lessons. The answer was no — and Supadance was born.

Our family business has proudly made the world’s best dance shoes ever since.