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Style 7789 Black Glitter SlidesStyle 7789 Black Glitter Slides
Style 7788 Black Glitter SlidesStyle 7788 Black Glitter Slides
Style 7788 Gold Glitter SlidesStyle 7788 Gold Glitter Slides
Style 7788 Silver Glitter SlidesStyle 7788 Silver Glitter Slides

We don't expect you to take to the dance floor in these particular shoes, but they are perfect for daily life or whatever you feel like doing! Our slider range is all glittery and possesses the Supadance logo emblazoned on the front in an elegant font. We’ve designed these shoes with comfort and style in mind, in equal part.

Your feet deserve a break from time to time, which is when it’s time to bring on the sliders! These incredibly comfortable sliders are what you need after a few hours of practice, whether performing purely for your enjoyment or at a professional level. There isn't a better feeling than taking off your dance shoes and slipping your tired feet into your sliders.

Our collection has three colours to choose from, which all feature the Supadance logo and a glittery front. You can choose from black, silver, and gold. They are all made from the same scalloped insole, promising to deliver the most incredible comfort at all times. Every dancer knows the importance of keeping their feet in their best possible condition. Our sliders give you the rest you need.

Get comfortable and give your dancing feet a break in the best slider dance shoes at Supadance!