Men's Dance Teaching & Practice Shoes

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Style 6890 - Black Stingray Style 6890 - Black Stingray

Teaching and practice dance shoes often take more punishment than formal shoes, that special pair you keep for best or competitions.

Practice dance shoes are the ones you will wear the most, whether you are a newbie honing your skills or a seasoned professional who spends hours in the dance studio.

The Supadance range of men’s teaching and practice shoes are genuine, high-quality ballroom and Latin shoes. They provide optimal protection and comfort for long periods of training and wear.

Made in the UK, our shoes are designed with input from professional dancers and teachers.

They are lightweight, comfortable and help protect against injury. Supporting and cushioning the feet, they allow that all-important contact with the dance floor.

Training and teaching with a superior practice shoe help improve posture and balance. After all, this is the pair you will wear the most.

Get a pair of Supadance today and twirl your way across the floor to become a better dancer.