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Product Information

Product Information : Fittings and Materials
Made to Order

1. Some Supadance shoe styles are labelled as 'Made to Order'. What this means is that these options are made at each customer’s request. So as a result, this may take up to 6-8 weeks to be manufactured. However, please be aware that it can be ready sooner or take longer than this time frame.

2. Our 'Made to Order' products are non-returnable unless faulty.

3. There are no charges for Made to Order products unless stated.

4. If you are ordering a made to order item and you have not tried that style on before, we recommend (if possible) to order the in stock version first to try for size and fit.

5. Some styles fit differently to others. Please take this into account before ordering.

Note: You cannot change or cancel any made to orders after 48 hours of placing the order

Sale and Special Offer Items

Items appearing as special offer, in a sale or with price reductions will be accepted back for exchange only.


We can manufacture some of our shoes in your own Custom Colours/Materials– this would take 6-8 weeks approximately and cost £25 extra.

The apperance of colours and textures on this web site will be affected by the quality of your computer and display and should be accepted as a guide only.

Our white satin material has been selected for ease of dying to co-ordinate with your costume.

Nubuck is a simulated suede, Coag is a simulated leather.

Our Vegan Supasole is a man-made microfibre sole. It is created using microfibre instead of suede but it looks and feels the same. To care for this sole we advise using our Supasole sole brush which is specifically designed for this more delicate sole.

For some styles a Vegan option is available for no extra cost – please allow approximately 4-6 weeks to be made and they would be non-returnable. To order please email us at sales@supadance.com

Our leather indoor and outdoor soles should not be worn on wet surfaces as they are not waterproof

Click here for advice on cleaning our shoes.


We can make some of our shoes in Odd Sizes – this would take 4-6 weeks approximately and cost £25 extra.

Outdoor Soles

1. We can make some of our shoes with an Outdoor Sole – this would take 4-6 weeks approximately and cost £15 extra.

2. Alternatively you can purchase stick on outdoor soles and use these on any of our dance shoes, so that they can be worn outdoors e.g. for a wedding. An example of such a product can be seen by clicking here.

Sandal Straps
  • Regular Buckle

    Our sandal straps are made overlength for ease of adjustment when first wearing. For a better appearance once fitted, cut at an angle about 3cm from the buckle.

  • Hook and Buckle Fastening

    When first wearing, adjust the buckle on the strap to give the best fitting when it is fastened into the hook. Once you have done this the strap can easily fastened and removed from the hook. Our sandal straps are made overlength for ease of adjustment when first wearing. For a better appearance once fitted, cut at an angle about 3cm from the buckle.


High Arch – some styles state that they have a high arch. This means that the shoes have been made on a high last which provides more support for the arch of the foot. This also helps to prevent too much pressure being placed on the ball of the foot. It has been developed with the needs of professional dancers in mind.

General wear and tear is normal with dance shoes and in most circumstances can be fixed by a reputable shoe repairer.

We try to hold stocks of all styles listed on this website, but unexpected demand can result in out of stock situations.

In the interest of improvement to our products we reserve the right to change the design, material or specification of any product at any time. E. & O. E.

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