What are the Different Types of Women's Heels?

What are the Different Types of Women's Heels?

As dance enthusiasts, we all know that the perfect pair of shoes can make all the difference. But have you ever stopped to think about the heel shape?

Different heel shapes offer different levels of stability and elegance. Let's dive into the most common heel shapes for dance shoes.


The flare heel offers a wider base at the bottom, tapering to a thinner point at the top. This shape provides great stability and is often used for Ballroom and Latin dancing.

The flare heel is also a great option for those with wider feet or who need extra support. Available in a variety of heights, the Supadance Flare heel type is the ultimate combination of comfort and style for all your dancing needs.


The slim heel is a popular choice for those who value elegance and style. It has a slender and tapered design, making it perfect for Latin and Ballroom dances and other styles that require fluid and precise footwork.

Despite its delicate appearance, the slim heel provides ample support and stability, allowing you to dance with confidence.


On the other hand, the contour heel offers a more robust and stable option. It has a slightly wider base that gradually narrows as it goes up, creating a curved contour that cradles the foot.

This design provides exceptional support and balance, making it ideal for ballroom dances and other styles that require smooth and controlled movements.

Available in a range of heights, the Supadance Contour heel type is the ultimate combination of style and functionality for all your dancing needs.


The Cuban heel is a classic and timeless choice. It has a broad and sturdy base that provides great support, making it perfect for beginners or those who prefer more stability.

The Cuban heel also offers a classic and elegant look, making it a popular choice for ballroom and Latin dancers.


The Supadance Social heel is a popular choice among dancers who value comfort and stability without sacrificing style. This heel is designed with a slightly wider base than the Slim or Cuban heel, providing greater support and balance while still maintaining an elegant appearance.

The Social heel is perfect for social dancing, where comfort and stability are key. It has a height of 2 inches, making it suitable for a variety of dances such as salsa, swing, and ballroom. The wider base and lower height of the Social heel make it ideal for dancers who prefer a more secure and grounded feeling on the dance floor.


Stiletto heels are a popular choice for many dancers, as they offer a sleek and elegant look. However, they require more balance and stability, making them better suited for more experienced dancers.

Stiletto heels are often used for Argentine tango or other Latin dances. All shoes that come with this heel type, are made on a specific, Stiletto Heel Last which is part of our high performance range.

The styles made on these 'lasts' all have a slimmer fit and higher arch than our Flare, Contour and Slim heel styles. This heel is only possible in 2.5 and 3 inch heights.

SD Heel:

Introducing the Supadance "SD" heel type, a thicker version of our popular Stiletto heel. With its increased thickness, the SD heel offers a more stable and comfortable option for dancers who still want to achieve a sleek and elegant look.

Ideal for both novice and experienced dancers, the SD heel is perfect for Argentine tango, Latin dances and more. Crafted on the same Last, as the Stiletto Heel type, it is expertly balanced ensuring that your feet are comfortable and secure throughout your routine. Available in heights of 2.5 and 3 inches, the Supadance SD heel type is the perfect choice for dancers who want to look and feel their best on the dance floor.

At Supadance, we understand that every dancer has unique needs and preferences.

That's why we offer a variety of heel types and sizes, including contour, flare, stiletto and more, to cater to your individual style and comfort. Our heels are made with high-quality materials and crafted with precision, ensuring that you have the perfect fit and support for every dance step.

In conclusion, choosing the right heel shape is an important factor in finding the perfect dance shoes.

At Supadance, we offer a variety of heel shapes to suit every dancer's needs and preferences.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the perfect shoe for you.

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