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Original Heel Protectors Original Heel Protectors
Suede Heel ProtectorsSuede Heel Protectors
Slim Fit ConvertersSlim Fit Converters
Ladies Replacement SolesLadies Replacement Soles
Anti Slip PowderAnti Slip Powder
Men's Replacement SolesMen's Replacement Soles
Gold and Silver Cream Gold and Silver Cream
Instep SupportsInstep Supports
Replacement Heel TipsReplacement Heel Tips
Clear StrapsClear Straps
Super Brown Classic 150ml - Dancecos
Super Tan Lotion 12% DHA 250ml - Dancecos
Smooth and Fix Spray 300ml - Dancecos
SexyTan Shimmer Tan Spray 300ml - Dancecos
Profi-Brown Wash off 150ml - Dancecos
Supasole Brush
Shoe Brush with Cover
Chrome Shoe Brush - Assorted ColoursChrome Shoe Brush - Assorted Colours
Fragranced & Padded Inner Soles

Perhaps you have a pair of Supadance ballroom shoes that your feet adore, but they're looking a little worse for wear after too many nights of carefree dancing. Or maybe your shoes could use a customisation or two, to watch your unique dance style.

Either way, Supadance's extensive line of accessories and shoe care items will keep your feet looking grand at all times.

Since making a name for itself in the dance world over 50 years ago, we have considered it our mission at Supadance to keep all dancers' feet looking as spectacular as their performances.

We also know that proper shoe care is the best way to accomplish this long term.

If you already trust our quality UK manufacturing and dancer-inspired designs, then it should come as no surprise that our accessories and shoe care lines are equally well-made.

When the curtain comes up, we want our dancers and their shoes to be shining.