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Style 7500 Boys - Black Leather Style 7500 Boys - Black Leather
Style 7500 Boys - Black Patent Style 7500 Boys - Black Patent

A dancer might be young and new to the sport, but that doesn't mean he can't have suitably stylish costuming when the curtain rolls up on his first big performance.

The moment a young dancer starts caring about how they look on stage in terms of his attire and moves is when all his performance goals begin to become real. In other words, it's the moment he grows into a star.

At Supadance, our Boys' Club Range shoe line takes this philosophy of stardom seriously, which is why we include children's shoe designs that are as trendy as they are timeless.

We've been catering to the design needs of our young dancers just as attentively as our adults since we opened for business over 50 years ago and began crafting UK-manufactured, dancer-inspired designs.

Our quality leather materials also ensure that our Boys' Club Range dance shoes are easy to dance in and hold up exceptionally well while still offering a charming stage look.