Women's Dancing Shoes

Our dance shoes, specially designed for competitive dancing, practice, and lessons will support your feet through hours of dancing. We know your feet will take a beating, so we’ve made shoes that can stand up to hours of lessons and challenging competitions.

Supadance consults professional dancers before creating any shoe. We leave the guesswork to the amateurs. You can trust any of our products have undergone stress testing to the nth degree.

Whether you’re looking for eye-catching glamour to wow the crowd at your next ballroom event or a shoe that you can teach classes all day in, Supadance runs the gamut of dance shoe excellence.

Experience English manufacturing at its best. We manufacture all our products in the UK with guidance from professionals with years of training. The result? A top-notch shoe.

The Supadance story begins in the early 1960s when founder Mick Free consulted professional dancers like Bill and Bobbie Irvine on whether they wore dance shoes designed and built for competitions and lessons. The answer was no — and Supadance was born. Our family business has proudly made the world’s best dance shoes ever since.