Men's Latin Dance Shoes

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Style 8505 Black Patent & Nubuck Style 8505 - Black Leather/Nubuck
Style 8000 - Black Leather
Style 8200 - Black Leather
Style 8500 - Black Nubuck Style 8500 - Black Nubuck
Style 8500 - Black Leather Style 8500 - Black Leather

Latin dance shouts flair, style, passion and who can forget the importance of those stylish Latin dance shoes!

Samba, salsa or tango, whatever is your speciality, Supadance has the perfect and colourful pair of Latin shoes to match your style.

Available in classic black or navy, we also offer a dazzling white Latin shoe and a black patent and white leather design for a natural touch of Latin American glamour.

We know that you don’t just want to look good – your shoes need to perform. Our designers work with experienced Latin dancers to refine and perfect style and performance, so your shoes feel as good as they look.

Our UK production site has been producing quality dance shoes for decades. Rest assured that your perfect Latin pair is manufactured using the best craftspeople who love their work.

When you buy a pair of Supadance Latin shoes, you are buying a proud heritage and the latest in modern materials and style. Take your Latin to the next level with Supadance.