Women's Latin Dance Sandals

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Style 1040 Multi Hologram Style 1040 - Multi Hologram
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Style 1029 Star Hologram
Style 1529 Star Hologram 2.5" Slim Style 1529 Wide - Star Hologram

Latin dance is all about soul, sway, attitude, and of course — the shoes!

Whether you are a master of merengue, talented at the tango, or sensual at the salsa, you deserve a breathtaking pair of dance heels.

Supadance is thrilled to share our most colorful collection yet! We have a veritable rainbow of blinding neon colors guaranteed to put a kick in your step.

We worked with professional Latin Dancers to hone in on the perfect sandal. Our standard is above the industry level, you cannot find a superior option in the UK.

Over half a century of local production means we only use the best products and partner with highly skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work. The best shoemakers live in the UK, and the best of the best work at Supadance!

Join the legacy of Supadance and buy a pair of Latin sandals that will make your dips deeper, spins faster, and dance more passionate!