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Practice and training sessions in the dance studio are not just about the right shoes. Rehearsing with appropriate clothing is essential for comfort and freedom of movement.

Our dancewear clothing range has everything you need to dance your way through lessons and practice sessions. We know what dancers need. Find quality garments whether you are a ballroom star or Latin aficionado.

Wearing the proper practice clothing can also integrate the skirt or dress as part of your routine. As dance experts, we understand this.

Pick from a range of stylish and practical designs with flamboyant skirts, frill tops, dresses, and those essential warm-up and cool-down tracksuits.

Crafted here in the UK with the input of expert dance professionals, we realise that dance clothing works as hard as you do. Our quality apparel will match your performance. Choose Supadance dancewear and feel the heritage of decades of dancing expertise and joy.