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Who can resist some glamour on the dance floor? Our crystal dance shoes provide precisely that whilst remaining highly functional and comfortable. We have an extensive range of bejewelled heels for you to choose from in various showstopping colours, including black, tan, red, white, and more! Keep scrolling to discover what we have on offer.

When designing the perfect crystal shoes for dancing, we understand the importance of subtlety. If the jewels are too large, they can look a little tacky. That's why we only use the most miniature crystals throughout our entire range, tastefully placed along the straps. If you like to have a little extra sparkle, some of our options include crystal charms that hang from the buckle, which you can see in Style 1105.

Crystal dance shoes are flashy and immediately attractive, but we also understand the need for function. The need for balance is why we include mesh inserts that hold the straps in place. The inserts provide maximum comfort and hold for your foot whilst travelling across the ballroom floor. Stylish shoes shouldn't come at the cost of functionality.

Get ready to dazzle on the dance floor with our excellent range—shop Supadance today.