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Style 7789 Black Glitter Slides Style 7789 Black Glitter Slides

Dancing can be tough on the body. So when the dance shoes come off, we know that you need to replace them with some top-notch comfort for your feet.

At Supadance, our Ladies' Slides collection strives to keep your feet looking brilliant while also giving them a well-deserved break.

Our comfy glitter designs, which come in various trendy colours, are truly fit for a star.

Their arch-support and cushioning material should come as no shock, though, since Supadance prides itself on always consulting with experienced dance and instructors while in the design process. Our approach to after-dance leisurewear is no different.

Also, the same is our UK-based manufacturing, which ensures high-quality products that hold up well over time no matter how much wear and tear they get in the dance studio.

Whether you're a professional with accustomed feet or an amateur struggling to adjust, our Ladies' slides are sure to make you feel like the talented dancer you are between practices.