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Style 1227 - Red LeatherStyle 1227 - Red Leather
Style 1426 - Dark Tan Satin / Gold ShimmerStyle 1426 - Dark Tan Satin / Gold Shimmer
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Style 1426 - Black Satin / Silver ShimmerStyle 1426 - Black Satin / Silver Shimmer
Made to Order

Practice doesn't have to look boring—just because you aren't on the dance floor itself doesn't mean you can't enjoy a heavy dose of fun and style. That's why our teach and practice shoes are available in various styles and colours, including a full spectrum of neon shades! Practising your form should be just as enjoyable and expressive as the real thing.

When it comes to lessons and teaching, we understand that there are two primary components any dancer needs to consider. The first is, of course, comfort. You're likely to be wearing these shoes for extended periods. They need to fit your feet perfectly and provide enough cushioning and support for your every move. That's what we aim to achieve with our range, offering numerous customisation options before checkout to ensure you get it just right.

Secondly, practice shoes should make you feel good while dancing. A big part of this is style, which is why our range is so extensive! Numerous designs and colours are available for you, from trainer styles to extravagantly fashioned ballroom dancing heels. We also sell a range of entirely foldable options that can fit straight into your dance bag.

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